Our corporate headquarters are situated in Sárrét Industrial Park, located on the south side of the city of Szeghalom. The park’s location is highly favorable, with direct connections to the railway and the highway, as well as multiple bicycle paths leading to it from various parts of the city. The railway station is nearby, and the industrial rails pass close by. Highway 47, one of the most used roads in the region, passes 200 meters from the park. The bus stop located nearby is included in every local and long-distance bus route, providing an easily available commute for all employees, even from other nearby towns and villages.


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Layer Kereskedelmi Szolgáltató és Ipari Kft.
  • Cím: H-5520 Szeghalom, Kandó Kálmán u. 1.
  • Phone: +36 66 / 371-008
  • Mobile: +36 30 / 303-3146
  • FAX: +36 66 / 371-398
  • Web:
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  • Tax no.: 10241837-2-04
  • Bank account no.: 10402661-26610001
  • Company registration no.: 04-09-001080