Széchenyi Plan



The handover date of one of Layer Kft.’s largest investments coincides with the company’s 30th anniversary, almost exactly to the day. The investment in question is a visually appealing (even to a layperson), modern production hall on 2760 square meters and equipped with an industrial crane.


The production hall, which was constructed in less than fourteen months at the company’s central site location in Szeghalom, provides true 21st century operational parameters for three new business units. Within its walls, steel structure manufacturing and plate machining equipment, plastic and aluminum door/window manufacturing (which started as an annex to the general construction business), and Layer Kft.’s maintenance services for their industrial, construction, and vehicle fleets are concentrated together.


Layer Kft. submitted a tender to the National Development Agency, within the framework of the Southern Great Plain Operational Programme. The tender is named „CONSTRUCTION OF A PRODUCTION HALL WITH A BRIDGE CRANE ON A M X 76,8 M FLOOR AREA AT LAYER KFT.’S SITE IN SZEGHALOM. THE BUILDING UNDER CONSTRUCTION WILL PROVIDE SPACE FOR 3 NEW ACTIVITIES THE COMPANY PLANS TO INTRODUCE” tender ID DAOP-1.1.1/E-10-2010-0099 with a net total cost of HUF 225.496.369 and was granted HUF 99.511.394 AS A NON-REFUNDABLE GRANT


Construction work on the production hall began in August of 2011, and ended on September 30, 2012.


Over Layer Kft.’s three decades of operation, well-planned developments building on each other have been the norm. As a result, the steel structure manufacturing and the CNC metal and plate machining operations have become prime areas of investment.


Modern computer-controlled cross cutting, bending, cutting, and rolling machines have been introduced into the new hall. This equipment is equally suitable for manufacturing our own products and for performing contract work. Several processing units are also suitable for filling custom orders. The automated machine tools require trained personnel able to keep pace with the requirements of our times, and thus provide a new source of employment in the region.


The doors and windows are made with long-lasting, high quality aluminum and plastic sections, and there is available capacity for the manufacture of even small numbers of doors, windows, or portals.


Having envisioned Layer Kft. three decades ago, CEO István Layer believes that the company’s future will involve the in-house design and manufacture of products. Over the past thirty years, the company has grown to become one of Sárrét’s dominant medium-sized enterprises, with its operational headquarters in Szeghalom. Today, the number of employees and contractors employed by Layer Kft. exceeds 120.




The foundation stone of the production hall was placed on September 29, 2011 in Szeghalom, at the central site of Layer Kft. Zoltán Farkas, the president of the Békés County General Assembly, also honored the inauguration with his presence. Also present were Mrs. Dr. Ferenc Tóth and Tibor Barta, representing the Szeghalom Branch of the Békés County Government Office Labor Center, Marianna Baracsi, Tamás Magoss, and István Jámbor from K&H Bank Zrt., as well as Sándor Molnár, the mayor of the city of Vésztő. The foundation stone was placed by István Layer, representing the investors as CEO of Layer Kft., Gyula Kurucz, representing the construction company as CEO of Épcenter Kft., and Zoltán Farkas, the president of the County General Assembly.


Construction work on the production hall began in August of 2011. Boasting an industrial crane and a floor area of 36 m x 76 m, the net total cost of the hall was HUF 226,603,569. After evaluating tender DAOP-1.1.1/E-10-2010-0099, which was submitted in the summer of 2010, the National Development Agency approved a HUF 100 million non-refundable grant for the realization of the project, within the framework of the Southern Great Plain Operational Programme.


Layer Kft. is expanding its operations with three new business units. Employment sectors organized around general construction operations – Layer Kft.’s core competency – will be assigned to the newly constructed 2760 m2 production hall with bridge crane.


The industrial hall will be the location for the manufacture of plastic doors and windows, steel structure manufacturing, as well as metal machining. The new business production lines are organically linked to Layer Kft.’s core operations. The technically well-equipped plant will enable the construction of steel structures and technological equipment to a higher standard of quality. Layer Kft. manufactures steel structures for use with the construction of our industrial halls, agricultural flat storage buildings, and custom purpose-built structures. The modern work environment and the resulting increased work efficiency also enables us to undertake external contracts.


Using modern plate and metal machining tools and the CNC, NC controlled machinery, more complex work processes and the construction of entire units becomes possible. The company-owned shears, press breaks, and roll benders also allow for the exploitation of new market opportunities. Niche markets in agriculture and building engineering also provide new sources of revenue. The target market for high-quality plastic door/window manufacturing is the production of windows, doors, and portals for buildings erected by construction companies. The relatively small production capacity allows for flexible, rapid adaptation to market demands. The integration of the new business units into the company’s range of activities will improve the employment statistics of skilled labor in the area by providing employment to 11 new personnel.